The Computer Games Manifesto

December 10, 2007Tagged Essays

We propose computer game AI as a suitable topic for research with the long term goal of artificial general intelligence in mind. Modern games include large virtual worlds and a growing but unsatisfied demand for human-like computer characters inhabiting them. Significant research challenges are present in building an agent capable of intelligent timely behavior in such complex and dynamic environments. However, games can help turn these into concrete problems forming stepping stones that enable incremental progress. Game AI might thus serve to revive the research field's original ambitious goal of human-level AI and help drive progress towards this difficult task.

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Mediatron Produces Web Page for Internetreklam AB

December 08, 2007Tagged Mediatron
mediatron/aktuellkampanj.jpg is a service where consumers subscribe to product offers they are interested in, instead of being flooded with mail ads.

Internetreklam AB chose Mediatron to developed both the web site and the service's underlying technology. Our solution includes, among other features, a subscription service, automated email campaigns, and an entirely web based administrative interface.

Andi-Land: Solve Puzzles through Natural Language Dialog with Intelligent Characters

December 04, 2007Tagged Andi-Land, Games, Videos

Andi-Land is the only game based on automated theorem proving technology. Download the game and play it on your Windows computer.