Sony Ericsson LiveView Wristband

June 05, 2011Tagged Cyborg

My never-ending quest to pack more computational power on my body is now aided by this neat smart watch:


The Sony Ericsson LiveView can access the Internet through a bluetooth connection to your Android phone and display information on its tiny 128x128 pixel color display. While compatibility is reportedly an issue, it works fine with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

I wasn't too happy about the included watchband, and the watchband I recycled from my old watch (shown above) is falling apart from wear and tear. So I decided to craft my own.

My first attempt was made entirely of Velcro and never came closer to the sewing machine than this:


However it was too stiff, uncomfortable, and not very elegant. The second version used a comfy cotton ribbon:


The ribbon was too flexible instead, and my final version adds just enough stiffness by layering ribbons:


This smart watch is much more convenient to wear than my Beagleboard wearable computer, but a lot less powerful.

Arguably its most useful feature is the ability to install new apps. Most existing LiveView apps seem to be designed to promote procrastination rather than productivity by interrupting your work with constant email, twitter, and Facebook notifications. My next step is using the SDK to develop an app so that you can wear your todo list on your wrist.