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Blocksworld was featured by the local news paper Corren.

Blocksworld Demo at E3 2012

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Kim Stowe demos Blocksworld at E3 2012.

Everyone's a Game Developer with Blocksworld App

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We released the following press release at E3 2012.

Media Contact:
Kim Stowe

LINKÖPING - Sweden and LOS ANGELES - Calif. - June 5, 2012 - At E3 2012, Swedish game development tools maker Boldai announced beta availability of Blocksworld, a set of virtual building blocks that allows kids of all ages to develop and enjoy their own game creations and share them with friends.

For tablets, phones and browsers, Blocksworld allows players to drag, drop and snap together 3D blocks to create colorful characters, textured objects and whimsical environments. Then, using Boldai's patent-pending visual scripting solution, creators can control the object's actions and bring the characters to life in the forms of interactive toys and games. Once completed, creations can then be uploaded to or shared via Facebook or Twitter.

"Blocksworld can do for games what Blogger and YouTube did for text, images and video," said Martin Magnusson, chief mad scientist and CEO of Boldai. "By bringing the simplicity of building blocks to today's complex game creation process, Blocksword will make self-publishing of interactive content mainstream."

Available today in limited quantity for iOS devices including iPads, iPhones and iPods, the Blocksworld beta model includes various sized cubes, wedges, wheels, spaceships and people that can be customized by color and texture then made to move and interact with the touch or swipe of the screen or a tilt of the device. For an overview of how it works, watch the Blocksworld video.

Production versions of Blocksworld are expected later this Summer for iOS and Android and pricing is TBD.

"The only limit with Blocksworld is your imagination," added Magnusson. "Cute characters, powerful rockets, robots, wheeled vehicles and funky animals - if you can dream it, you can build it with Blocksworld."

About Boldai

Boldai is an awarded team of software development wizards seeking to revolutionize the gaming world with the vision "anyone can make games". Incorporated in 2010, Boldai is located in Linköping Sweden, AKA Minecraft country. Read more at

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