March 16, 2014Tagged Martin, Odd Bot Out, Games, Photos

Lately I've come down with a severe case of self-doubt. I have begun to question everything about the game I'm making, even why I'm making it.

It started when I was trying to come up with more puzzle challenges. They all felt contrived, certainly not fun. While I'm having fun thinking up complex contraptions, perhaps that's because it's my physics simulator. Real user might just find the whole experience frustrating.

Now I find myself lost in endless thought experiments, trying to recapture that elusive "fun." As a result I haven't made much progress and the prospect of ever completing the project is starting to feel remote. Perhaps I was overly optimistic to think I could make this entire game, from scratch, by myself.

I try to clear my mind by taking long walks through the forest:


All that snow has melted away and been replaced by beautiful spring weather: