Bitter Potato Salad

July 08, 2014Tagged Essays, Games

So a guy crowd funded his potato salad to the tune of $40,000. Some think it's a brilliant joke that deserves every cent. Others are offended that people throw money at a jokester while ignoring projects that demonstrate real skill and hard work.

Here's the deal. Yes, the guy deserves some money and attention for a novel joke, just not that much! He receives that much, not because he deserves that much, but because the Internet works as an amplifier.

The best products (Minecraft, Flappy Bird) become insanely successful. The merely great products (Infiniminer, Piou Piou) linger in obscurity. This isn't "fair". Work that's twice as good may be rewarded a thousand times more. But then life isn't fair. Some get lucky, some get cancer, and some had to live through the Middle Ages.

What can you do? You can only accept that rewards are not fairly distributed. Accepting is not liking. Accepting is feeling offended, insulted, and jelous, but keep moving anyway. You are right to feel angry! It isn't fair! But keep working on your projects, for their intrinsic reward, and for the offbeat chance that you become one of the few who are rewarded a thousandfold.