New Features in Brain Builder 1.2

November 23, 2011Tagged Brain Builder

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who bought Brain Builder. THANK YOU! We know it's a significant investment for many of you. The fact that you bought it means the world to us. It really does! It's incredibly rewarding to see you guys appreciate all the hard work we are putting into this product. Also, big THANKS to you who wrote reviews in the Asset Store!

Now go to the Asset Store and get Brain Builder version 1.2. In addition to many bug fixes we have some great new features for you.

Basic Blocks

Brain Builder now ships with a complete set of "Basic Blocks" (left panel). These are ready-made building blocks for many common situations such as clicking an object (works on mobile!). And, as you can see, the popup-on-hover documentation includes examples with graphics.


Block Folders

We have sorted the many new basic blocks into folders. This keeps the list of blocks neat. You can even create your own folders and sort your own blocks the way you want them by clicking "Organizer."

Friendly Block Names

Block names are now fully customizable, including the order and position of variables. We have used this to improve readability.



Copy, cut, and paste blocks and rules in and between brains. You can even copy examples from our web page and paste them right into your Unity project brains!


As always, all feedback is greatly appreciated! Help us make Brain Builder better :)

Brain Builder for Sale in the Asset Store

November 04, 2011Tagged Brain Builder

Brain Builder is now for sale in the Asset Store for $95!

The new release includes numerous improvements, bug fixes, and features. Some of the most important are:

We have also included a lot more useful material with the Asset Store package:

Our front page now explains the three basic Brain Builder actions:

And did you notice the big red "Buy" button? ;)

The Third Public Beta of Brain Builder is Out

September 26, 2011Tagged Brain Builder
Brain Builder Beta 3.png

Thank you for the feedback you've given us! It really warms our hearts and helps us improve.

Speaking of improvements, the third public beta of Brain Builder is out! Installation is automatic if you have the previous version. Just reopen the Brain Builder window, wait for the new version to pop up, and click download and install. Otherwise just download and import the Unity package.

We have focused on improving documentation:

but also added new functionality:

and some convenience features:

The image is a teaser screenshot from the obstacle avoidance brain I'm working on.

Again, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Brain Builder - A New Take on Visual Scripting

September 13, 2011Tagged Brain Builder

Hi all! We just released a public beta of our visual scripting tool Brain Builder.

It's based on if-then rules that you create through a unique (patent pending) drag and drop interface. Rules are quick to build, easy to understand, and result in a much cleaner workspace compared to graph based tools.

We'd love to hear what you think and are grateful for all feedback. If you want to try it out you can download the Unity package and view information on how to get started.

Please note that this is a (free) beta, and your opinions can help make it even better. We plan to release new updates every week or two. Features currently in the works include:

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Cheers, Martin.

Simple Obstacle Avoidance Rules

July 29, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos

Little simulated people run around trying to avoid giant cubes dropping from the sky.

Brain Builder for LEGO Mindstorms

July 20, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos, Martin

Martin and Magnus use Boldai's Brain Builder tool to develop behaviors for a LEGO Mindstorms battle tank. Their plans for world domination through a robot army are foiled when the robot turns on its creators, starts attacking them, and scares the neighbor's dog.

Wall Hugging

May 25, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos

As part of our work on a Unity integration of our Brain Builder tool we made this maze demo: