Raze Updated with New Levels, Graphics, and Physics

February 18, 2012Tagged Raze, Games

New in Version 1.1:

Get the new version from the App Store!

raze/raze11-breathtaking-jumps.png raze/raze11-crazy-vehicles.png raze/raze11-fresh-perspectives.png raze/raze11-tricky-puzzles.png

Raze: Racing Puzzle Game for iPad/iPhone/Android with Zero Lines of Code

September 14, 2011Tagged Raze, Games, Videos

We're using Brain Builder to create an iPad/iPhone/Android game. No programming or scripting required!

The game is a racing-physics-puzzler (new genre?). You drive a little yellow car over jumps and into obstacles. Complete levels by razing towers of blocks so that the red block ends up on the floor.

Raze is available both in the App Store and Android Market.

raze/raze-hidden.png raze/raze-first-person.png raze/raze-jump.png raze/raze-bike.png raze/raze-final.png