Blocksworld on TV (sort of)

December 02, 2012Tagged Blocksworld, Games, Videos

I'm on TV! Well, it's a local Swedish channel. But baby steps... View the interview on their online video stream.

Blocksworld Demo at E3 2012

June 06, 2012Tagged Blocksworld, Press, Games, Videos

Kim Stowe demos Blocksworld at E3 2012.

Three crazy Swedish men attempt to turn game development into a game!

March 08, 2012Tagged Blocksworld, Boldai, Press, Games, Videos

Touchgen recorded this video of us demoing Blocksworld at GDC 2012. They elected Blocksworld "Morst innovative" of the show. We're still debating if it's a spelling error or a contraction of most and worst ;).

Raze: Racing Puzzle Game for iPad/iPhone/Android with Zero Lines of Code

September 14, 2011Tagged Raze, Games, Videos

We're using Brain Builder to create an iPad/iPhone/Android game. No programming or scripting required!

The game is a racing-physics-puzzler (new genre?). You drive a little yellow car over jumps and into obstacles. Complete levels by razing towers of blocks so that the red block ends up on the floor.

Raze is available both in the App Store and Android Market.

raze/raze-hidden.png raze/raze-first-person.png raze/raze-jump.png raze/raze-bike.png raze/raze-final.png

Simple Obstacle Avoidance Rules

July 29, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos

Little simulated people run around trying to avoid giant cubes dropping from the sky.

Brain Builder for LEGO Mindstorms

July 20, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos, Martin

Martin and Magnus use Boldai's Brain Builder tool to develop behaviors for a LEGO Mindstorms battle tank. Their plans for world domination through a robot army are foiled when the robot turns on its creators, starts attacking them, and scares the neighbor's dog.

Wall Hugging

May 25, 2011Tagged Brain Builder, Videos

As part of our work on a Unity integration of our Brain Builder tool we made this maze demo:

Trick Trap: The Artificially Intelligent iPhone Game

September 06, 2009Tagged Trick Trap, Games, Videos

Trick Trap is an iPhone puzzle platform game that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology for planning to trick and trap you.

The project is currently on hold. While waiting for its release you can check out the Trick Trap web site.

How To Use Lisp for 3D Game Programming

February 01, 2009Tagged Andi-Land, Games, Videos

I love Lisp. But I've noticed that some areas of Lisp programming are relatively unexplored. In particular, there's not much information online about game development using Lisp. And the situation is even worse for accelerated 2D and 3D graphics in Lisp. Therefore I thought I'd write a short how-to based on my own limited experience on the topic.

First, I use the excellent LispWorks Common Lisp implementation for Windows. (LispWorks is available for other platforms but I have no experience with those.) It has a great Emacs-like IDE and can compile your program into a stand-alone executable. If you don't have to create executables, there's a "Personal Edition" available for free.

Second, LispWorks comes with a set of OpenGL bindings out of the box. There's an invaluable example of how to use them in icosahedron.lisp, also in the LispWorks package. Note that the compilation instructions in icosahedron.lisp are wrong. Use these instructions instead. With the example up and running, I used it as the starting point of my experiments.

Third, I wanted to get some content into my 3D game engine. I used the free and impressively full-featured 3D modeling tool Blender. Blender can export models in the XML-based X3D format. This is convenient since you can use an existing XML parser like XMLS to help load the model into memory.

That's it! With these tools I created the retro-style flat-shaded desert island that you see in the screenshot. Also check out the accompanying YouTube video What would you bring to a desert island?. (Be sure to click "watch in HD" to make the text readable.)


Let's look at some pros and cons of what we've learned:

Summing up, I'd say the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages ;)

Andi-Land: Solve Puzzles through Natural Language Dialog with Intelligent Characters

December 04, 2007Tagged Andi-Land, Games, Videos

Andi-Land is the only game based on automated theorem proving technology. Download the game and play it on your Windows computer.

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