Martin Magni

I grew up in Nybro, Sweden. There's not much to do there. That never bothered me. I stayed home, playing and making computer games.

After surviving high school I studied Computer Science in Linköping. One book was about artificial intelligence. I was enthralled and decided to do a PhD. After seven years of writing incomprehensible logic papers I still hadn't finished my thesis.

Somewhat frustrated I figured there must be something more practical one could do with AI. I dropped out of school to found the startup Boldai. Two friends joined and we set out to build AI tools for games.

That didn't go too well either. However we did come up with an interesting game concept called Blocksworld. It was a success and we ended up selling the company to Linden Lab!

Working at Linden Lab helped me save up some more money. I figured that if I seriously reduced my spending I'd be free to work on my very own projects. So I quit the job and moved to a cheap apartment in a small town called √Ötvidaberg.

Now I'm a full-time indie game developer, doing all code, art, and music myself. Odd Bot Out was released in 2015, Mekorama in 2016, and I'm currently working on Fancade. To find out more, follow me on Twitter, or send me an email!